how to make youtube channel in 2020-2021

Youtube is the biggest plateform all over the world also the world second largest search engine, and have a world largest video network.

Every day peoples uploading millions of videos on youtube and gain billions of watch hour due to which they can able to generate large amount of income from youtube. Youtube rises  Many creators daily many creators know their passion and can explore the world, so let’s discuss that how creator generate income from youtube only making videos and helping others people from those videos. If you want to be a youtuber than it’s  your best decision. So lets know that how to make youtube channel and why  we need to make youtube channel


Why we need to make youtube channel

We all know that we can generate passive income from youtube but don’t thing that making videos on youtube is the part time work if you really want to do something different in your life of if you have some unique passion than congrats youtube is for you but if you want to make videos on youtube to fulfill your purpose of getting money than you must need to work hard on youtube  otherwise your channel will not gain that much subscribe.

In current time youtube have great competition so it is final that you must need to work hard on youtube if you want overcome the competition. The first biggest mistake of most of the creator is that they make videos on different topic and that was the biggest mistake due to which they can’t successful in youtube so if you want to be successful in youtube  than you must need to choose one topic according to your interest and your passion. And the second thing is that some of the creator do make make regular videos in the starting we need to make regular and intresting  videos so many of the youtube user can attract towards your videos.


How to increase youtube subscribe fastly

If you want to grow fast on youtube and increase your subscribe in fast way than you must-

1.     Need to make your youtube  thumbnail attractive

2.     Need to make video on good content

3.     Need good editing in your videos

4.     Need to use good and viral search tag

5.     Need to make video on viral content
6.     Need to be consistence in making videos
7.     Or you can also upload daily 1 or 2 video 

Let’s discuss all the things one by one, fist I want to teach you about that how to make youtube channel because without channel you are unable to post or upload any content on youtube


How to make youtube channel step by step

Follow all the steps given below in these steps we teach you that how to make a youtube channel from scratch

1.   1.  Open your chrome browser and open

2.     Click on your channel icon

how to make youtube videos for beginners youtube

3.    3.  Then click on create a channel and then click on get started

4.     Then select the second option of custom name

how to monetize your youtube channel

5.     Then click on create channel

best topic for youtube videos

6.     After that click on desktop site and then go to your channel

7.     And click on customize channel

how to make youtube video

8.     Add logo of your channel and description

How To Create A YouTube Channel

9.     You can make your channel logo from picsart or pixel lab
10.    After adding your channel logo again go to your channel
11.    And go to in customize channel you can here add your channel art
12.     Then click on about and type something about your channel
13.   Set email id for some business purposes You can also add your social medias link
15.    Then go to channel dashboard where you can analysis your previous videos



how to make youtube video


if you want to create good quality video then I prefer you to buy some awesome dslr and a mic but if your budget is to low then you also make good video from your smart phone  and instead of buying  mic you prefer some earphone that you already have, now select some topic according to your interest and make a awesome video for your channel and for video editing you can use some free software like kinemaster and powerdirector, you can also check video on youtube for basic video editing. You also need a good thumbnail for youtube video to attract your audience so let’s talk about how to make good thumbnail for youtube video.

how to make youtube thumbnail

thumbnail is the top part of your video that describe your video content so if your thumbnail is providing some value to the audience or if your thumbnail have an ability to attract the audience than it’s very good for your channel growth, so let’s learn that how to make an attractive thumbnail. Download pixel lab in your mobile divice it is the best application  to make awesome thumbnail and any other banners  you can also watch some tutorials of pixel lab on youtube, pixel lab is also best for logo designing purpose so watch videos on youtube for how to do editing in pixel lab and learn to make thumbnail and logo for your channel.



How to monetize a youtubechannel


How to enable youtube monetization

·        Login your channel in chrome browser

·        And open creator studio

·        And then press on channel option

·        Where you can able to see a section of monetization

·        Then click on enable option

·        Now to monetize your channel to must sineup  to google adsense

·        So press on start button and create your channel monetization account

·        And in number 4 option you can see your monetization criteria

·        The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for monetization is 1k subscriber and 4k watch hour

If you really want to monetize your channel then you must need to take  care of these things.

Firstly you need to upload regular videos and your videos must providing some value to the audience, it is difficult in starting to gain 1k subscribe and 4k watch hour earlier so in starting you can share your video link on social media like share your link on facebook page if you created, share link on your facebook account or share on your whatsapp and instagram so that maximum people can know about your channel and also you gain maximum view in started on your videos.

And the second thing is that always keep your thumbnail attractive and use some low competitive viral tags so that your video will be on  top on search list.

You must need to  know about youtube studio, it is most helpful application for the youtubers where you can   analysis and maintain your channel and videos.

Many youtubers confuse about youtube music policy and that is if you use some one music in your particular video than the owner of that music can gave you a copyright claim and the owner of the music is entitled to your video revenue.


Some best topic for youtube videos

Youtube movie, youtube kids, youtube mp3

·        Make video on review like smartphone and many other gadgets review

·        Vlogging is the most loved by user

·        Teaching- you can teach  your junior as a teacher

·        Singing

·        Dancing

·        Prank videos

·        Mimicry videos

·        Gaming

·        Reaction videos

·        Roasting videos

·        Motivational videos


Some famous top youtuber list

·      Pewdiepie

·        james Charles

·        technical guruji

·        bb ki vines [ bhuvan bam ]

·        ashish chanchalani

·        carryminati

·        flying biest

·        ayush kaushik


all the best for your youtube journey may you successful in  your life

if you have any query than  comment below, we will definitely help you.


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