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What is Instagram

Instagram is a social media website  available in application, you can use Instagram in your mobile phone and also in your desktop.

It is all about sharing of photos, videos, getting likes, and Intract with many peoples all over the world, just like Facebook and twitter,  Instagram have also the hashtag option and story feature.


Instagram most followed person

Instagram have also the option of follower and following, follower means how many peoples follow you and interested in your account  and following represent your interest in Instagram.


The most followed person on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo.

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How to create Instagram account

So let’s discuss about that how to make a new Instagram account :-

You can download the Instagram application to create your account or you can also create your Instagram account in browser using your smartphone and laptop  the procedure of making account in Instagram is same for both mobile application as well as for browser ( website ).  So lets discuss the case of mobile application.

1.     Go to play store and download Instagram application

2.     Then simply go and open  your Instagram app

3.     So once the Instagram app is open you would be seeing multiple options

4.     The first one is login

5.     In case if you are new to Instagram you need to sign up to Instagram

6.     So at  the bottom you would be seeing an option of sign up

7.     So you need to create an account

8.     So you need to go and tap on sign up

9.      In sign up you would we  seeing multiple options

10.                        So the first option is to continue with your Facebook account

11.                        In case you are convenient with creating an Instagram using your Facebook information

12.                        You can go and tap on continue  as your Facebook  username

13.                         In case you are not seeing the username simply go and tap on continue as Facebook

14.                        And it would ask you for your email and password of a Facebook account

15.                        So under that you would be seeing an option of sign up with phone or email

16.                        If  you want to sign up with phone or email simply  go and tap on this

17.                        In case of email simply go and enter email

18.                        In case of phone simply go and enter your phone number

19.                        Once you entered the details simply go and tap on next

20.                        Simply go and tap on create a new account

21.                        In case if it  asks so  what it would do is so simply go and add your name

22.                        Now add your password and once you add your password tap on next

23.                         Congratulations Your account will be created on Instagram

24.                        So hope it has helped you in creating  an Instagram account


how to make your Instagram account private

many Instagram user have a doubt that how do i make my Instagram account private.

to go private on Instagram  follow these steps :



·       Click on 3 line as shown in image below

·       Then click on setting

·       Click on privacy option

·       Here you can see the option account privacy

·       Then click on private account


how to create a new page on Instagram

If you have already a Instagram account go and login to it if you don’t you can start the process  from scratch of signing in but if you do the first step is you go to the setting right on the  top and press add account  this will allow you to basically sign up for a new  Instagram account  so if you don’t Have  a Instagram account a person one already  you should already be on this page and instead of using login page just gonna press sign up and make Instagram account.

·       Now go to your profile

·       Click on top 3 line button

·       Scroll down where you can see a option “ switch to business account”

·       Click on that option and then continue a few times and now you’ll have to login with Facebook in order to do that Instagram can access to your Facebook page

·       And sure that you are connected your Instagram business page to the Facebook page.

·       You can promote your Youtube  videos or business from this page.


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