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What is freelancing 

Do you want to earn money online, Do you want to work from Home  Then This article How to become a freelancer is very useful for you. There are many ways to earn money by working online but freelancing is different from them because it is that platform where you can do work like a professional job.

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How to become freelancer

If you do freelancing only for two or three hours a day, you can easily earn a good income because here all the professional people come to get their work done, and they are also ready to give you a good income instead. There are many websites to do freelancing, on which you can work and hire someone.

Best Freelancing Websites In India    There are many freelancing websites in the world on which you can easily work with zero investment and can earn passive income. freelancing work not only  helpful to make money but also it gave you the opportunity to explore your work. It is the best Platform to show your profession and helps other. 

There are some top freelancing websites :-

1. fiverr website – Fiverr is the best platform to earn money and online marketplace for service the unique thing about fiverr is that price of all service is $5. Millions of people find diverse thing on the internet somebody wants to get a sketch made while someone else wants to get a mobile app someone wants a video and someone else website design and someone wants facebook page likes these people go on fiverr to find someone to do this work for them if you can do jobs like these you can easily earn money from this platform. 

2. People per hour – It is the biggest freelance  Marketplace whose function is as  an online platform giving businesses. People per hour is the best option for freelancers and buyers.

3. Guru – 800,000 freelancer works on this platform from all over the world and have 1 million paid invoices. This website paid $ 250 million to our freelancer till now, and  have 99% customer satisfaction rate. Many jobs opportunity available on this platform for fresher and experienced like programming and development content writing, design and art, sales and marketing, business and finance, engineer and architecture. 

4. Freelancer – freelancer are commonly used by a person who is self – employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long term. It provide many job option like Website and IT, Writing, Data entry, art and design, software development, sales and business, local jobs, and many more.

5. Angel list – it is the best website for startup, here  you can directly apply for job in any startup company.

6. Design crowd- if you are interested in logo designing then this website is for you. you can easily earn more than 1 lakh per month without any investment by making logo on this website. It is the world number 1 custom design marketplace.

7. Upwork-up work is the global freelancing platform where businesses and freelancers from all over the world can connect and can learn and collaborate  on certain jobs the vision of the company is to connect businesses with great talent to work without limit. 

8. Urban pro- urban pro is india’s number one tutoring marketplace and over the last nine years  urban pro helped more than 50 lakh students connect with 2 lakh active tutors and over 15 thousands institutes  across 20 thousands plus localities, students use this to find tutors and help them with academics hobbies and learning new languages to  name just a few of the many categories.

Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye   

You can make make $30 in an hour just using apps online on your mobile, the first site is “ try my UI “ in this site basically you can get paid test so this is you know ignore this but basically you will using people websites or apps and you can select right to get paid to test the second site is “ userlytics “ here you can easily make more than $30 in an hour. 

what does freelance mean    

freelance is someone who sell services  to employers without a long -  term contract, a freelancer is essentially a one person business a person who primarily works on a particular part or phase of a larger project  they often maintain  anonymity as they provide a necessary component such as a series of spot illustrations or an extra hand production  for the purposes of this course  i will use the term agency to mean design studios and agencies and in house design teams often you work  through them not directly with the client.


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