Top 10 colleges in delhi university - Du cut off 2020

 Top colleges in delhi university

Every suggestions in this blog is my personal opinion, I have decided colleges rank in the basis of NIRF ranking, past 10 years image of a college and my experience after interacting students - about academics, infrastructure, crowd and exposure. 

I was student at Hansraj but I am not officially  connected with du administration. I am working from last 3 years on college admissions. So I can make you capable to decide a perfect College according to your percentage.

Some official information that I will provide you is written in bulletin, any changes or update will be notify on YouTube channel - Ayush Kaushik.

Top colleges of Delhi University

College and course - intro 

Delhi University has no physical boundaries

Like jnu, lpu, amity etc.

Du has more than 70 colleges for different courses according to merit and entrance.

There is no entrance for bsc, bcom, and ba, you have to take admission through merit selection in these courses. 

Entrance exam is only for some professional courses and for post graduate students.

CLC Du has the cluster innovation centre where you can take admission through entrance exam ( DUET- delhi university entrance exam test ) . 

CLC has only 40 seats for different courses like- information technology and mathematical innovations 

Ba humanities and social sciences hons and MSc mathematics- 20 seats 

Remember 3 things 

1. NIRF shows only 1 year growth 
   For example According to NIRF ARSD is better than Ramjas  and many more colleges
So if you are getting  admission in Ramjas you shouldn't choose ARSD over ramjas.

2. A good college is good for every stream not only for specific course, if you are getting admission in Stephen and anyone suggest you that DCAC has better faculty. Then just go for Stephen. Don't think about DCAC or any other colleges.

3. College ranks are similar for post graduate students. We can't say Hansraj is best for bsc ug and Ramjas is best for bsc pg.
College ranks are similar.
Pg students have to go to their faculty for taking classes they only come College for paper work.

List of top 10 arts colleges in du:-

  1. St Stephen's
  2. Hindu 
  3. Miranda
  4. Lsr ( south campus ) 
  5. Hansraj
  6. KMC
  7. Venkateshwara (south campus)
  8. Ramjas
  9. Daulat Ram
  10. SGTB khalsa

    List of top arts girls colleges in du :-

    1. Indraprastha 
    2. Jesus and marry 
    3. Gargi 
    4. Kamla Nehru
    5. Shaheed Bhagat Singh
    6. Delhi college of arts and commerce 
    7. Aatma Ram  sanatan dharam
    8. Janki Devi memorial
    9. Maitreyi
    10. Acharya Narendra dev
    11. Deen Dayal Upadhyay
    Note: I'm including kamla nehru, gargi, j&m and Indraprastha in average colleges, theses colleges are actually very good but I have to include in average colleges. But these colleges stand somewhere between above average and below top 10. 

    Top 10 colleges for hons.

    1. SRCC
    3. Lsr
    4. Hansraj
    5. KMC
    6. Ramjas
    7. Venkateshwara 
    8. DRC
    9. Jesus and Mary
    10. SGGSCC

    Top 10 Colleges for program

    1. Venkateshwara
    2. Ramjas
    3. SGTB Khalsa
    4. DRC 
    5. KMC
    6. GARGI
    7. KNC
    8. DCAC
    9. SGGSCC
    10. ARSD

    Top 10 average colleges for hons

    1. Indraprastha
    2. Gargi
    3. KNC
    4. DCAC
    5. Shaheed Bhagat Singh
    6. ARSD
    7. Maitreyi
    8. Andc
    9. Deen Dayal Upadhyay
    10. Ram lal anand

    Top average colleges for program
    1. Shaheed Bhagat Singh
    2. Maitreyi
    3. Ram lal anand
    4. Day singh
    5. Satyawati
    6. Mata sundri
    7. Motilal
    8. Aryabhatta
    9. Ramanujan
    10. Pgdav
    Top 10 Colleges for science
    1. Hindu
    2. St. Stephen's
    3. Miranda
    4. KMC
    5. Ramjas
    6. Venkateshwara
    7. DRC
    8. SGTB khalsa
    9. Gargi

    Top 10 average colleges for science
    1. LSR ( because it provides only maths and stats )
    2. Indraprastha ( only math and cs )
    3. Maitreyi
    4. Ram lal anand
    5. Dayal Singh
    6. Mata sundri ( home science, bsc med and non med ) 
    7. Motilal
    8. Aryabhatta ( only math and cs )
    9. Ramanujan ( cs, math, and stats )
    10. PGDAV ( Maths, stats, cs )
    Colleges in du which have low cut off
    1. Ram Lal anand
    2. Dayal Singh
    3. Satyawati
    4. Mata sundri
    5. Motilal
    6. Maharaja Agrasen
    7. Aryabhatta
    8. Ramanujan
    9. PGDAV
    10. Zakir Hossain
    11. Br Ambedkar
    12. Kalindi
    13. Swami shraddhanand
    14. All evening colleges

    General queries:-

    Q1- can we change our college after 1st cut off in delhi university ?
    A1- YES you can Change in any cut off if you are getting better college than your previous college.

    Q2- is it right to take admission in South campus
    A2- yes, some colleges of South campus has higher cut off for specific courses than north campus, like LSR and Venkateshwara.
    But if you are living far away from Delhi and you are just coming to take admission in below average colleges / colleges with low cut offs of South campus then you should think twice.

    Q3 - my criteria for college ranking?
    A3 - NIRF ranking , past 10 year record, crowd, infrastructure, academic growth and from personal experience of public interaction in different colleges.

    Q4 - annual fee of college? 
    A4 - different colleges has different fee structure, I can give you an Idea. From 8k to 23k per year , depending on college. Some expectations are there for specific courses, like fee of bsc cs in Hansraj is around 45k and fee of other courses, is around 22k.

    Q5 - admission procedure for hostel and annual charges ? 
    A5 - you can fill hostel form after admission but du has limited seat for hostel, for example 5k students are studying in Hansraj including ug and pg but hostel seats are only 250. So you have to face a healthy competition there. Annual charges including mess is arround 60k to 85k but expectation are also there, annual hostel charge of Indraprastha college is around 1 lakh. You can take admission in hostel through merit or interview.

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