Mirzapur season 2 : Release Date, Caste, Trailer And More Updates


There are many movies and web-series in the industry   but mirzapur is the most suspenced webseries and also the most  favourite  web-series of all the  peoples.

Now secred games is not the only web series whose audience is waiting for the second part. The first season of mirzapur  has also increased the suspense that the curiosity is there for everyone to know that  what will happen in the next part.

The story of the mirzapur has brought its character to such a point, from where no one will know the path of this suspence. The story of mirzapur is being distributed in many stories. Everyone wants to straighten their owl to maintain their supremacy.

The makers of the mirzapur web series  have started the work for the second part of mirzapur. Carpet brother will have to face the challenge even In mirzapur.

The most trusted guddu of the carpet brother has turned against him, who is the biggest face of this fight. Now the carpet brother will have to face challenges one after othe

Mirzapur season 2 download in hindi

Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date

Mirzapur season 2 will be released on 23 October 2020, and you can watch this web series on amazon prime video. The trailer of the web series will be available on Youtube soon on the official channel.


Mirzapur season 2 release date in india

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In the first part of mirzapur munna conspires against tripathi, guddu and bablu pandit. The charge of attack on carpet brother comes to guddu and bablu’s heads.

Carpet brother sends munna to Gorakhpur for the elimination of guddu bablu Here bablu pandit and sweety die in an encounter. Guddu is also injured, but he escapes along with sister dimpy and gajagamini. It is not possible that the dreaded criminal who lost his brother and girlfriend could live without taking revenge from munna and the brother in law.


Mirzapur season 2 caste :-

Mirzapur 2 will have actor Ali fazal, pankaj tripathi, shweta tripathi, rashika dugal, harshita gaur, amit sial, anjum Sharma, sheeba chadda, manu rishi, and rajesh redo their role.


Since the release of mirzapur sseason 2 in 2018 everyone hoping for mirzapur season 2 release date

An official caste list has not released by amazon prime but the main caste will return, dead or alive.actor ali fazal who play one of the main character role, guddu pandit, confirmed that he would loved to return.

Mirzapur ending as a cliffhanger for season 2.

Mirzapur season 2 quora:-

 Q. We have already seen so many gangster films and webseries, what is so different about that?

A. The character of mirzapur is so mysterious that you have no idea where, which way they are going to tip at any point or at any given  time. So when i first read the script of mirzapur by the third episode, I was like , I think   this character is going to do this in the next  episode and I was totally wrong.so the script suprises you at every  stage every character suprises you and it was very refreshing script for me to read . I hope it will be  a very refreashing show to watch for all of you .

Ans [ by munna bhaiya ] ; I thinkits the first of kind, where you don’t really have anyone who is seddha saadha. Every character has something going or is playing in the ‘grey’ area which was very refreshing to read because it is very human like.

Q. If you had to choose between a film and a web searies which one would you choose?

Ans. The beauty of cinema is that you get to watch a film on a big screen but the beauty of a web series is that you get a long time with the characters. You  also get the opportunity to further develop the characters, the pilot and the premise of the series that makes it a better experience.


          Mirzapur season 1 was a big hit ,  due to mirzapur 2 was produced, as soon as the webseries was hit its season 2 announced.




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