What is content writing ? 5 skills you must need to become a content writer


What is content writing

Content writing is the process of  writing articles, and editing of website content, which used for the purpose of blogging and digital marketing. In an content writing an individual writes article  and blog post by expressing their thoughts to provide information and knowledgeable things in the article.

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For that content writer and the blog owner  earn certain amount of money .


When it comes to content writing  most of the people thinks that content writing is all about writing article for blog.


However,  writing content is not only important for blog but it is  also important  for different type of content formats,


·       Email newsletters

·       Editorial writer

·       Scripts writers

·       Social media post writers

·       Copywriter

·       Ghost writing

·       SEO writing


Content Writing Jobs

After writing and learning a lot of content, now it‘s the time to pursue our work, so that we can do the job.

There are many ways to find content writing jobs :-

1.    To find online content writing jobs you  just need to Google “ content writing jobs near me ” There is also no need to write near me  because you can do content writing from anywhere, you do not even need to come anywhere for this job. You will get a lot of jobs on Google, in which you can apply.

2.    And the second way is to search naukari.com on Google, open this website and go to the search  bar and type content jobs then you will get many jobs where you can apply according to your interested topics.

3.    You can also finds content writing jobs on Facebook, just go to facebook and search content writer groups or blogger groups, You can join all these groups and post here so that clients easily finds and hire you.

4.    Same thing you can do in your linkdin   and instagram account  which you just read in third point.

freelance writer jobs

You can also do content writing as a freelance if you want to do it part time. So practically, what you can do is starts with applying at job boards. The best job board, I think is jobsproblogger.net where you will find decent earning opportunities. Besides that, you can go to websites like upwork or iwriter these are all content mills. you won’t get paid much , but you will get the idea of how freelance writing works, how to deal with clients. And , from then  on you can gradually start into building your own brand, building your own profile, and for that, I would recommend guest posting at websites. So, you can decide on a particular niche, like suppose if  I’m interested in lifestyle, then I’ll target publications that are well-known in the lifestyle niche. if suppose I’m interested in marketing, then I’ll target like shoutmeloud for getting my name up on their blogs like, getting my articles up on their blogs and providing my credibility. So, once you get your name, it’s all about the first  publication. So if you get  into one publication, from then on its becomes much easier.


Many writers, I’ve found many writers when they starting out,  they are not very well equipped with wordpress, although wordpress is not as  difficult but it depends on the person,  so if you are more of a creative bent, then I think technology might, it might seem a little daunting. So, what you can do is simply create your own portfolio page with something as simple as contently. So, contently allow you to create a page, so where you can add your own articles and build a portfolio and you can share that with clients. 

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Salary in content writing


The salary of the content writer is totally depends upon the talent and skills of writer. There are the person who start the career as a copywriter too and earn a good salary package by their skills and it depends from person to person.

If we talking about the entry level in the content writing then its 2.5 – 3 lakh per annum. If you are a high level content writer then everyone can pay you more than 5k per article and if you are just a beginner then you have to struggle and improve to reach to the highest point. 


The 5 skills you must need to become a  content writer :-


1.    Learn different writing style

2.    Don’t pick random subjects

3.    Be original

4.    Learn seo , html, css

5.    Become a social media specialist


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